BIRDS has different kinds of activities to support the children to have successful life in the society. 

Peace Child Parliament


To promote leadership and peace BIRDS has a program called Peace Child parliament for the Government school children. 

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Malnutrition Program



Nutrition is a core importance for the growth and development of children, and a complete intake of nutrition is of utter importance. Vegetables and Fruits are a source of essential vitamins and minerals which are very important for the development of children. Therefore it is important to ensure that children eat vegetables and fruits every day.

BIRDS in collaboration with Government Anganwadies promoting malnutrition and kitchen garden program in Bangalore North. 


What BIRDS Do here?


1. Set Up Kitchen Gardens in the Anganwadis, based on the space available, so that the staff can definitely include the vegetables into the food they cook every day. This will make it more sustainable for the Anganwadis to have access to vegetables on a daily basis.

a. The kitchen gardens will have various vegetables growing in grow bags – like palak, methi, dilshapoo, corindar, carrots , beetroot, tomatoes, ladies finger, brinjals, moringa . The garden set up may vary based on the space available in each angawadi center. 

2. Organic training programs for all stake holders of the Anganwadis

a. Train the teachers and staffs of the anganwadis on the importance of nutrition, the basics of nutrition and where does good nutrition come from.

b. Train the teachers on “teaching the children, Basics of nutrition’”, so that from a young age, children know the importance of nutrition. A special ‘visual aid kit on the basics of nutrition’ for children will be given.

c. Train the parents on the basics of nutrition, and its importance, sources of the same and how to make some simple but healthy meals.

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About Us


Peace Education Program

Peace Education training program for the school children to promote the peace culture in the society.


Free Tuition Centers -

BIRDS has free tuition centers in Slums as well as villages to mote education for the marginalized communities. BIRDS has 16 free tuition centers in Bangalore urban and rural.  


Special Children's Camp

BIRDS  organised intensive special training program during the school holidays to promote capacity building for the marginalized community students.  


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